Saturday, October 25, 2008


From Jasmin:

Steve called in today. He said they had been experiencing a lot of rain and had moved approximately 4 km. They are now on a flat spot on the glacier. He and the crew think that to complete the traverse they will need a lot of good weather as the terrain is fairly complicated. Steve says there are giant spires everywhere and they are all covered in ice.

Before they got onto the glacier they ran into a french couple who have been boating around the world for a year. The couple had not seen anyone in a month and they happened across these three with their big packs. The boys got some french chocolate from them!

Camp Coordinates:
Map Number 19F
Camp 1: 422 815, 395 0868

Camp 2: 424 519, 394 9558

Camp 3 (700m): 424 726, 394 7349 (this is their present location)

Click on this image for better resolution

If you go to Google Earth you'll probably get a better look at where they are, especially in relation to where they're going.
Evidently the going has been slow and arduous; they've managed only 4km in four days. Looking at this image you can tell why: huge crevasses!!! Navigating that terrain, in the rain, with giant packs and sleds can't be so much fun.

Hopefully things clear up and they slay bluebird pow all the way to Bahia Yendegaia.

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Mom said...

Hope you all achieve your goals. Keep safe. I'll bet the French chocolate was great! Keep in touch. Love, MOM