Thursday, October 30, 2008

Going For A Walk

I just got a note from Jasmin. The fellas have apparently been settled into the tent waiting out some weather for the past three days. They left a message saying there was a break in the weather and they were heading east through a high pass. This was Wednesday.
Judging from the low resolution image on google earth, they might get some easy travelling after the next few days. It looks relatively flat after this next section they're climbing through. At least it looks flat from here, in my armchair.

8km down, 20km to Mt Darwin.

Another google earth image below, click for higher resolution

Here's another one showing Mt Darwin in the distance. God those yellow tacks must be heavy to carry!

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PATRICIO said...

hello, I'm Patricio Rojas, and I'm working on Carabineros Yenegaia (policeman). I hope the kids come without problems for the Darwin Range, is a difficult path. In case of emergency or just to keep us informed them asking me to send information by the coordinates where they are and whether they had any problem. The weather is very complicated but that is normal at this place. Good luck, my e-mail is patricio.rojasc @