Saturday, October 18, 2008

Start zone

The scale of the area is somewhat misleading. Originally (up until a week ago) we figured "no problem, it's only around 100km. We'll just bring extra food just in case the weather craps out.

Here are two images of sub-peaks in the area near where we’re starting our trip- at Seno d'Agostini. We think. A previous expedition of Chilenos went to this area in 2001, spending 30 days to climb three peaks along the "ridge" that separates a couple of forks in the fiord. This is our access zone- we have to blow through this area in a day or two to get to the real mountains. We have no maps that indicate elevation gains or losses at this scale- these just look like rolling hills (see aerial below).

These must have slipped between two contour lines...

You can check out a great website that some local climbers established here:

We'll try to get up on one of the first icefields via the Serrano Glacier, pictured below. A lot of these images are found on Google Earth by clicking the little dots.

Here's an air photo Kari dug up of Seno D'Agostini. This was pretty much make-or-break to get this information. All that white is supposedly flat, but after a bit of research we anticipate a harsher reality.

Once we get up top it looks like we'll have to traverse terrain like this (actually we'll be on the other, north side of this), pictured in an old-school aerial...

 a white-out

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