Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thank You PA

After some last minute beurocracy that nearly shut us down, we´re finally out the door and in the zodiac to Seno Agostini for the start of this traverse! We´d like to thank the kind people of Punta Arenas who went way out of their way to help us.

Most important, we´d like to thank the folks at Hostal Hain, especially Lily, whose network of contacts in Chile basically organized our trip. From getting maps to pushing through 20 days worth of government paperwork in 3 hours, her endless enthusiasm and good nature got the impossible done. She is a gem and none of us would be the least bit surprised if she´s runing this country one day! And everyone else, thank you, you know who you are! We´re out the door to a world of ice and snow (and wind....)

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