Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skiing to Sailing

Hey All,
Just got a note from Emily, the boys are off the glacier and on a boat to somewhere. Sounds like they're headed to Ushuaia to arrange transport to Punta Arenas. Good to hear they safely made it down to the water and managed to hitch a ride home. I'm keen to hear how that all went.


Anonymous said...

Hi from Tina, Darren and Sue.
Glad to hear you guys are safe and sound!! We're thinking about you guys and are stoked to hear the finale of your story.
We're having a nice dinner right now up here and snow is accumulating in the mountains for a more relxing version of ski touring in the Kootenays.
we miss you! (Including you third guy who we don't know - we really miss you).

Unknown said...

Hey folks,

Medig surprised us with a Sunday morning phone call from their launch site. They are no longer negotiating storms and seracs but dealing with the Chilean boat drivers in Natales for a ride to civilization...or whatever we call these places with coffee shops and hot showers. He didn't say when they would get back, but the did score some food from some passerbys in zodiacs off their cruise ship. I am sure we will get more details over their location in the next few days.


Kelly and Dave from the Kootenays