Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Storms, Snow... Yahtzee!

Hi all,
Jasmin got a call from Steve, they're hunkered down at the moment waiting out a storm. They've made some progress and apparently are kicking some serious ass at Yahtzee. From the tone of their correspondence it sounds like they're getting a little giddy in the tent...

They're closing in on Mt Darwin so hopefully the weather clears and they can send it! Oh and then continue the next 90km or so...

Here's a short video courtesy of Mark Tinholt from a trip a few years ago with Steve and Chad Sayers. They were in an area about 100miles north of where they currently are playing Yahtzee. I imagine this is pretty much exactly what they're up to right now.

Along with their coordinates they sent an amendment to the Trip Dictionary:

False positive: the discrepancy between the rising trend on the barometer on our watches and the reality of the weather outside

Golden Anvil: Dean's IPOD or any other device that doesn't work anymore but is too valuable to throw into a crevasse

The Show: As in "I'm going to the show". Any hypothetical objective such as finishing the traverse which a participant aims to accomplish. Mostly used in context of getting ones Yahtzee bonus of 35 points.

Lets roll: Referring to getting a game of Yahtzee going. Also used as a sarcastic statement to get a laugh when looking out the window of the tent at the worsening storm.

Current location:
Camp 6: 437 813, 394 6880 (1420m)

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