Monday, November 10, 2008

Garibaldi Glacier

Okay, so now I have my bearings and I won't make anymore misleading posts about how they're rocking the trip and are already through the crux...

They're currently at the head of the Garibaldi Glacier and are about to sneak back up onto the neve beneath some unnamed peak to the east. They've been encountering lots of bad weather, as illustrated by their report of "6 hours of sun in the past 17 days" (sunscreen = golden anvil).

I'm pretty sure this is the same Garibaldi Glacier, taken, circuitously, from here.

On November 8 they managed 2km in a whiteout, then Steve (and sled) fell 50 feet into a crevasse and spilled white gas all over his clothes. According to the message "he sounded upset that his clothes smelled of white gas". You know, if I'd just fallen 50' into a crevasse I wouldn't be too worried what I smelled like. And I'm sure there would be a far more overpowering smell than white gas.

As of today, November 10, they're still at the same camp with the weather clearing a little.

Current location: 442392 3946023

Some bleak sounding numbers:

1/4 of the traverse completed
1/2 the food consumed.

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